Quantum Spatial does it all. We go well beyond data acquisition. We excel at transforming data into usable information tailored to meet your needs. We carefully consider technology choices and survey design to optimize data quality, and then we transform pixels and points into meaningful analytics based on the questions you want to answer.

Everything starts with good data

We invest in and deploy the latest and most advanced sensor, platform and satellite technologies on the market to acquire geospatial data. And our acquisition team is the best, bar none.



LiDAR mapping is the process of scanning surface features of the Earth with laser pulses to create 3-dimensional models of the spatial environment. Quantum Spatial is a recognized leader in the collection of high resolution LiDAR to support the virtually limitless potential for advanced analysis and applications. It’s true, not all LiDAR is created equal! We develop engineering grade accuracy and unparalleled resolution utilizing a portfolio of platforms and sensors including: airborne topographic & bathymetric LiDAR from fixed-wing or rotary aircraft as well as ground-based LiDAR survey utilizing both mobile and static systems.

Quantum Spatial LiDAR pointcloud downtown Athens Georgia



Orthoimagery has an extremely broad range of applications, particularly when collected with state-of-the-art digital systems. Our vast complement of assets includes large format cameras with simultaneous 4-band collection and impressive 3-inch pixel resolution- detailed enough to see... you name it. This level of detail is an essential input to Quantum Spatial’s high-accuracy auto-classification and objection recognition procedures. We also fuse orthoimagery with LiDAR data to extend visual interpretation and spatial analysis to the end user.

Quantum Spatial orthoimagery ortho aerial photography Hearst Castle California 3-foot resolution geospatial mapping



Quantum Spatial utilizes cinema-quality cameras to produce high-definition, stabilized videography. To maximize , we also developed interactive software that synchronizes our HD video with LiDAR analytics, GIS layers, orthoimagery and geographic coordinates. It’s a smart, safe and cost effective way to inspect, monitor, and document conditions of just about anything from the convenience desktop or mobile devices. We deploy HD Video to visualize utility and transportation corridors, stream networks, wind and solar farms, construction sites, and remote or restricted access areas.

Quantum Spatial high-definition video HD capture aerial geospatial mapping



Airborne multispectral and hyperspectral systems capture wavelengths that range from visible near-infrared to short wave infrared, which enables us to perform precision detection and analysis on vegetation, mineralogy, soil moisture, and other environmental interests. Our work includes fusion of LiDAR data or orthoimagery for real-world 3D model and analytics.

Quantum Spatial imagery multispectral hyperspetral multi-band analysis survey capture camera geospatial mapping



Quantum Spatial pioneered the use of airborne thermal infrared (TIR) imagery to accurately depict temperature distribution at high resolution across broad spatial scales. We use thermal imaging to determine thermodynamics of streams and other water resources, terrestrial surface temperature anomalies, wildfire response and energy infrastructure studies. Thermal solutions include the use of our proprietary software and analytics allowing us to resolve complex questions about the effects of temperature on habitat, infrastructure, and water resources.

Quantum Spatial thermal infrared sensor heat source imagery geospatial mapping